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26340 - STOP Violence Against Women Grant (VAWA) - Solicitation FY25
Funding Opportunity Details

STOP Violence Against Women Grant (VAWA)

Final Application Deadline: Mar 1, 2024 4:00 PM

  • Status Posted

    Posted Date Jan 24, 2024 9:48 AM

    Award Amount RangeNot Applicable

    Project Dates 07/01/2024 - 06/30/2025

    Award Announcement Date 01/22/2024

    Categorical Area

    Recurring Opportunity

DescriptionFile NameTypeSizeUpload Date
1. FY2025 STOP VAWA Request For Proposal #26340FY2025 STOP VAWA Request For Proposal 26340.pdfpdf997 KB01/22/2024 12:15 PM
2. FY2025 STOP VAWA Grant Writing Webinar Presentation SlidesFY25 STOP VAWA Grant Writing Workshop Presentation Slides.pdfpdf16 MB01/22/2024 12:19 PM
3. VAWA 2022 Federal Purpose AreasFederal Purpose Areas of VAWA 2022.pdfpdf135 KB01/22/2024 12:21 PM
4. Federal Certification and Assurances Form. Complete this form and upload it to the Additional Documents section of your proposal.Federal Certifications Assurances Forms.pdfpdf563 KB01/22/2024 12:28 PM
5. Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Form (SF-LLL). Complete this form and upload it to the Additional Documents section of your proposal.Disclosure of Lobbying SF-LLL.pdfpdf309 KB01/22/2024 12:27 PM
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Submitted DateQuestionAnswer
Jan 18, 2024 10:18 AMI sent a CVRC staff member a question about this RFP. Why haven’t I gotten a response?Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted through WebGrants before 10:00 am (Mountain Time) on February 27. CVRC staff members may not respond to questions posed through other means. Please review page 7 of the RFP and watch the Grant Writing Workshop for more information on submitting questions.
Jan 18, 2024 10:24 AMHow do we complete the SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Form? Do we need to complete this form if our agency does not engage in federal lobbying?All agencies applying for this subgrant must submit a Disclosure of Lobbying Activities form, even if the agency does not engage in federal lobbying. If the agency has no lobbying activities, please enter N/A for questions 10a and 10b. For Question 4, select SubAwardee, and enter your agency’s information. For question 5, enter the following for information: NM CVRC, 6200 Uptown Blvd, Suite 210, Albuquerque, NM. 87110. For Question 6, the Federal Department/Agency will be OVW. For Question 7, the Federal Program Name/CFDA will be VAWA / 16.588. Questions 8 and 9 can be left blank.
Jan 18, 2024 10:29 AMHow do I edit a saved application?Agencies can view their applications by logging into WebGrants, then clicking "My Applications." Next, select "STOP Violence Against Women Grant (VAWA) - Solicitation FY25" from the list of your applications. Once in the application, agencies can select the section they would like to edit under "Applications Forms." After the section page has loaded, click the "Edit" icon. Then make your desired edits, and click the "Save" icon. To learn more about copying and editing an application, please view the Grant Writing Workshop webinar linked in WebGrants and available on the CVRC YouTube channel.
Jan 18, 2024 10:33 AMI added our Director as an authorized individual, but they can't edit or review the grant application. How do I add additional contacts to an application?To add a contact to your application, select Funding Opportunity from the menu on the left, then choose STOP Violence Against Women Grant (VAWA) - Solicitation FY25 and your application. Navigate to General Information and click Edit. Highlight all individuals you would like to add in Additional Contacts, then Save. If an individual you would like to add does not appear in the list, they must be added to your organization first. Please have them register in Webgrants, and CVRC personnel will need to approve them and add them to the organization. The registrant will receive an email upon approval. February 27 is the last day to register a user in WebGrants for this funding opportunity. If you listed the director as the authorized official but have not added them to additional contacts, they will not have access to the grant application or the award in the future. They must be registered in WebGrants and added as an additional contact to view and make changes to the application and award.
Jan 18, 2024 10:42 AMDo we need to include the dates of the meetings for the certification of consultation? Can these dates be from last year?The certificate of consultation must include the dates of the meetings. In addition, these dates must be current and conducted in the development of this application. Eligible meetings cannot be dated from before the release of the RFP or after the proposal's submission. Qualifying applications will include meetings with a minimum of 2 agencies.
Jan 18, 2024 10:48 AMHow can I change an application after it has been submitted?The agency can withdraw the submitted application, then select "Copy Existing Application" from the Funding Opportunity. Copy the withdrawn application, make the desired changes, very all information and attachments copied correctly, and resubmit.
Jan 18, 2024 10:50 AMCan STOP VAWA funds be used to support services to children?STOP VAWA funds must be used for projects that serve or focus on adult and youth (ages 11 years and older) who are direct victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking. In general, victims served with STOP funds must be adults or youth. Younger children may be served as secondary victims; however, secondary victims and children may not be the focus of the funded project.
Jan 31, 2024 2:04 PMI have attempted to complete the lobbying form that I downloaded from the CVRC website. It won't allow me to sign. Any ideas?Applicants may submit an SF-LLL form with an electronic signature. If an applicant is unable to sign electronically, they may type their name in the field or print, sign, and scan the form to upload to their application.
Feb 7, 2024 5:27 PMWhen will Advocacy In Action be held? Is the $399.00 going to be the cost of tuition? Or is the $399.00 to cover all costs to include registration fees, mileage, meals, or lodging? And if that is the case, I would assume the tuition cost would be less than $399.00?The Advocacy in Action conference will convene in Fall 2024, and the registration fee will be up to $399.00 per attendee. Associated travel costs, such as mileage, meals, and lodging, may be requested on separate line items in the proposed budget. Scholarships will also be available for registration and lodging only.
Feb 13, 2024 7:24 AMIf you copied the incorrect application from prior funding, how do you undo and copy the correct one? An applicant may withdraw an application by logging into WebGrants and clicking Applications in the gray menu on the left. Next select the application you wish to withdraw, and click the orange Withdraw button on the top right. You may enter an optional note in the pop up or leave the text box blank. Then click Save. To start a new application, click Funding Opportunities in the gray menu on the left and select the desired opportunity. You may begin by copying a previous application by selecting the blue “Copy Existing Application” button on the top right. Alternatively, you may start with a blank form by selecting the green “Start New Application” button on the top right.
Feb 15, 2024 2:10 PMI am having incredibly difficult time being able to digitally sign the Federal Certifications Assurances Forms. I have tried downloading it from your website and downloading it from the webgrants site. Is it possible to have it signed in writing, scan it and then submit it?Applicants may submit the Federal Certifications Assurances Forms with an electronic signature. If an applicant is unable to sign electronically, they may type their name in the field or print, sign, and scan the forms to upload to their application.